herseyscleanerslogoOriental Rug Masters proudly recommends Hershey Cleaners for all of your Dry Cleaning Needs in Gaithersburg MD.

Hershey’s Cleaners, Inc.
106 N Frederick Ave.
Gaithersburg, MD 20877

Monday-Fri 7:00AM-6PM
Saturday 7:30AM–4PM
Sunday Closed


Hershey Cleaners has been a landmark in Gaithersburg for over 50 years. Hershey’s is family owned and operated. I the early fifties Wilson and Laura Lambert opened Hershey Cleaners.   Wilson and Laura worked hard and the business thrived.  They had two children Lambert and Becky, as the children grew they helped out at the cleaners. In 1972 Lambert came home from college and started working full time at the cleaners. In the nineties Lambert and his wife Sherry took over the cleaners.  With the help of the third generation the dry cleaners sustained itself.  They offer pickup and delivery with one to two trucks on the road five days a week.  Hershey’s also has walk-in service.  They offer a wide variety of cleaning services such as dry cleaning, leather, fur, down coats and wedding dresses.