1- Initial phone contact with customer: We determine if there are specific issues to address regarding rugs to be cleaned.

2- Rugs picked up or dropped off at our facility: We have free pick up for rugs in 4 counties in Md. Rugs that customers bring to our cleaning facility near Urbana Maryland can receive a cash and carry discount on cleaning charges with coupon from web-site.

3- Inspection of item: This is done with the customer present.

4- Dusting of rugs: Removing dry soil is very important. (Note; wool can hold up to 10 times as much dry soil as synthetic fibers. If not removed before washing, it will turn to mud during washing.

5- Pre-spotting: Obvious soiled areas are cleaned out before regular hand washing.

6- Fringe- We hand wash these areas, scrub etc.with special care and rinse thorouly to prevent yellowing, cellulose browning or color bleeding from rug into fringe. We dry fringe with direct air-flow as well as very low humidity within 30-45 minutes.

7- Hand wash of entire rug: Rugs are scrubbed with cleaning solutions that are rated as “Green Cleaning Solutions” and then receive a cold water rinse.

8- First drying step: Rugs and fringe, both top and bottom, receive multiple drying passes with extraction

9- Final drying: Rugs are hung or laid out flat in a specified climate controlled drying area for 24 hours. Note; this is where the drying referred to in step 6 occurs.

10-Post-spotting: Rugs are inspected after dry and receive additional spotting if needed.
11- Final grooming: Finally rugs are groomed and prepared for transport.

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